COVID-19 Safety Measures

As we reopen the health and safety of our visitors, artists and friends is paramount. We have a detailed safety plan in place and as per Queensland Health guidelines and will be keeping a private visitor register to assist with contact tracing should the need arise. Please follow the requests of staff.


While visiting NorthSite Store and Galleries, please follow these guidelines:

Visitor Declaration Forms

  • Our staff will ask you to provide your name and a contact number and email that we will hold in a register for 56 days to be made available to Queensland Health, should the need to share our visitation arise.

Physical Distancing

  • 1.5 metres distance from others at all times and 1 person per 4 square meters
  • If the capacity limit in a space is filled, please move to another space. Our staff will be monitoring patron numbers and flow. 

Hygiene Measures

  • Please make use of the provided hand sanitiser / hand-wipes upon entry
  • Visitors will be reminded not to touch the artworks
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds in our restrooms


Stay home if you are feeling unwell, if you have cold or flu symptoms, or have returned from overseas in the last 14 days.