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IndigeDesign Lab

22 July — 30 June 2022


There are so many digital design applications our young people can use to tell their stories in new ways. I'm keen to share what I know and support young people to take on bold projects.”
Leigh Harris

IndigeDesign Lab is an Indigenous led creative learning lab which seeks to introduce young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creatives to the digital design and creative fields through immersive storytelling and the confluence of art, design, technology and the natural world.

Exploring the relationships between people, culture and the environment through the use of art, design and technology.

Creating immersive experiences that tell our stories in new and innovative ways.

IndigeDesign Lab is a  partnership between NorthSite and Igneous Studios led by facilitator Leigh Harris and assisted by Carli  Willis to grow the skills, experience and profile of young Indigenous creatives. This initiative generously receives philanthropic support.

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