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Novel Anthropocene-19 – Call to Artists

1 June — 1 July 2020

NorthSite (Offsite - Online)

The view back to Earth, 1968. Captured by astronauts on Apollo 8 as they came from behind the moon after the lunar orbit insertion burn. Image Credit: NASA

Anthropocene /ˈanθrəpəˌsiːn/ The age of wo/man - or the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.”

During this time of global disruption, a network of seismometers that constantly register sound and oscillations, are recording a new quiet as the hum of daily life has abated. We are living in the midst of a new normal. A solidarity to contain a pandemic, one that highlights our networks and interconnectedness.

The silver lining is that as the world slows, we hear the sky in large cities from Beijing to Bogota has cleared to shades of far north blue, and the waters of the Ganga and the Grand Canal have rapidly improved. Wild animals are venturing onto empty streets all around the world!

So as viral microorganisms latch on to human hosts and biodiversity planetary crisis continues to confront us, the novel coronavirus pandemic is highlighting vast inequalities across societies and visibly showing us positive and negative affects of human impact on the Earth in accelerated time.

In these days we hear more terms like  ‘relocalisation’, ‘grassroots revolution’, ‘Indigenous reassertion’, ‘eco-feminsim’, ‘degrowth’, ‘postcovid’, ‘postactivism’ and ‘neoliberalism’, ‘capitalism’, alongside ‘living wage’, ‘social distancing’, ‘the curve’,  ‘now sight’, ‘self-isolation’. Our vernacular is shifting too.

Death, fears, positivity, work drying up, working from home, family, isolation, changes, essential, non-essential, online learning, empathy, vulnerability, grief, humour, gardening. It’s noisy. This affects each of us in different ways.

Our values are reevaluated and reconsidered.

We mourn loss and changes to everyday life and thank frontline workers. It’s a phenomenonal time.  We are reminded of our vulnerabilities and that each of us contributes to an interwoven local and global tapestry.  Actions  and feelings are amplified.  It’s complex. It’s current. It’s public, it’s private. It’s health. It’s the economy. It’s globalisation in 2020.


So, what element of the covid-19 situation resonates with you? Are you making art?

We want to hear from artists in Far North Queensland and to see works that tease out this terrain. Think conceptually, or literally,  poetically or with your senses. Respond to what you are feeling and seeing, big or small. Your experience is rich with material to explore and share.

So to fire those neurones, you could submit work that touches upon:

The history of art shows the way artists have always responded to and recorded significant events, through cave paintings, sculptures, photography, music, murals, protest advertising banners, bodily performance;  a multitude of mediums – anything available to us. The art that remains, shows our future selves and the next generations, our history. This is a unique period. Let’s respond and document this time, through art.


How to apply:

Share words (up to 500), images (5), film or sound piece (max 5 mins of footage/audio).

Email content to programs@northsite.org.au.

We will take your submission as consent to participate in the activity and publish your work online. Ensure that you include the following information for each work: Name, title, year, media, dimensions, accompanying text or specifics, artist price if you wish (note we’ll add a 30%+GST commission for handling sales).

All original  artwork is to be held with the artist, for now. Keep it simple. \\ images should be well documented, <5mb, jpg or png. \\

Submissions due 22 May.

Exhibition: 1 June – 1 July 2020.

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